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Dr. Simpson Wai Lap Wong (Department of Psychological Studies, HKIEd)


Dr. Wong is Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. He studied intensively on reading development and reading disorders. He has joined the Perception Laboratory in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and conducted research on attention and vision perception. He has also involved in training and counseling work in Salvation Army and YWCA. His research interests include reading acquisition, language learning motivation and early identification of children with dyslexia.

Dr. Michael Chi Wing Yip (Department of Psychological Studies, HKIEd)

Dr. Michael Yip is Associate Professor at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. He is an experimental psycholinguist by graduate training and his recent research interest involves the broad area of Cognitive Science (Psycholinguistics, Educational Psychology and Cognitive Psychology). He is working on different collaborative research projects with scholars over the world (such as Japan, the Netherlands, UK and US). 


Dr. Rebecca Wing-yi Cheng (Department of Psychological Studies, HKIEd)


Dr. Rebecca Wing-yi Cheng is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological Studies. Her research focus is in educational psychology, specifically on student achievement motivation. She has been working on research projects on goal orientation, academic self-concept, social comparison processes in school settings, project-based learning, and cross-cultural comparison. 




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